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What You Should Know About Cloud-Based Services

July 11, 2018 by StratX IT

Cloud-Based-ServicesBy now, it’s no surprise that cloud computing is convenient and is quickly becoming a must-have for your business.  In fact, you’re probably already implementing some cloud-based products and services, but are you familiar with all of your options?

StratX IT Cloud Computing Services

Chief Executive Officer, Tom Telesca explains, “More and more companies are embracing cloud services because in most cases, there are real and tangible benefits.  We encourage and embrace the cloud, but most clients don’t really understand the options, and associated costs. That’s where StratX offers real value, educating clients to make the right decision for their businesses.”

What’s becoming even more apparent is how critical your IT provider becomes as you implement cloud solutions.  StratX presents options and recommendations, oversees setup and data migrations, and implements stronger security protocols for connectivity to the cloud service.  In addition, your connection to the cloud service provider needs to be stable, as your internet service and redundancy becomes critical to operating your business.

“The type of cloud service we recommend to clients depends upon their comfort level.  The cloud is such an obscure concept to most, and their level of comfort with the control of their business data generally drives the solution we recommend.  Most clients are unaware that they can have their own private cloud, which they control.”

The most typical cloud solutions used by businesses today include:

  • Email hosting
  • File storage and sharing
  • Hosted applications (Software as a Service, or “SaaS”)
  • Offsite backup and disaster recovery services
  • Security management services
  • Infrastructure as a Service (“IaaS”)
  • Platform as a Service (“PaaS”)

Types of Cloud Service Platforms: Private, Public and Hybrid

The types of cloud services your company needs or even wants will often depend on the nature of the data your business handles, your industry’s regulations, and your tolerance for cloud adoption.  

Private Cloud Platform (Also referred to as an Internal Cloud)

When it comes to cloud storage, the most secure option is a private cloud, which is accessed solely by your company and/ or your IT service provider.  

One of the greatest benefits of using a private cloud, aside from the added security it provides, is the ability your company has to customize the cloud’s infrastructure to meet your own unique needs.  Private clouds give you complete control of your data, providing you with a level of comfort that you may not have on a cloud service providers’ platform.  Our team of IT specialists work with dozens of companies to provide ongoing cloud maintenance and management services for a smooth user experience.

Private Clouds offer the best of both worlds: you maintain complete control while recapturing space that most offices desperately need, and at the same time, you can mitigate the risk of potential office-related disasters, like a fire or flood.  “We’ve seen it all, we are usually the first call after a situation like that. While private clouds demand a premium, they are usually worth considering.”

Public Cloud

Public clouds are a popular choice among companies that are not handling sensitive data, as this product is more cost-effective than paying for private cloud products.  While public clouds can still be secure, it’s crucial to have a full understanding of what you’re buying early on.

Public clouds can be accessed over the public Internet by a number of different parties at any time.  While a private cloud requires your company to maintain its own platform, a public cloud eliminates the need for this while still providing the flexibility of accessing data and files remotely.  The platform is owned and managed by the cloud service provider.

As a cloud service provider itself, StratX IT can connect your company to a public cloud and provide you with ongoing support, system maintenance, and management to ensure your connection and access to the cloud remains free of interruptions.  

“Many businesses believe moving to the cloud reduces their need for IT support.  They quickly find out that they rely more on their IT service provider after the migration.”


Hybrid Cloud

As the name suggests, a hybrid cloud combines elements of the public and private cloud.  Companies use hybrid clouds by creating a private cloud configuration and connecting it to a compatible public cloud.  This allows for a cloud computing solution that’s more tailored to the company’s needs than a public cloud, but without the fully exclusive nature of private clouds.

Based on your company’s needs and the type of data in question, we can help you determine if a hybrid cloud is an appropriate choice, and if so, work with you to build the necessary infrastructure.

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