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Data Security is more Relevant than Ever!

You may have recently heard of the Marriott? or Target? or Facebook? These are just a few of the headlined data breaches that alarmed our entire country. The reality is, these major data compromises are only what we hear about. It doesn’t reflect what actually takes place on a regular basis. 

Internet hacking is real and it isn’t going away anytime soon. The truth behind many of these costly attacks is that many of these attacks were completely preventable. Hackers look for loop-holes and outdated softwares, such as Windows XP users. Many attacks begin with a simple phishing email, a hot link leading to a breach in the network. 2018, exposed many industry leading brands, such as:




These attacks are not only designed to affect large Fortune 500 companies either, John, a network manager in Dayton Ohio recently found this out when his 17-year old daughters Facebook account was hacked and duplicated to send malicious ransomware through. Talk about hitting close to home.  This is why our team of industry leaders at StratX IT Solutions designed and launched the Integrated & Managed Network Security Bundle.

This bundle is perfect for Large Corporations as well as small businesses alike. 

Securing your network and systems is a critical element of running your business. StratX IT offers a full suite of security components that in tandem, offer you the most up to date protection available managed by a single provider. A single provider means that you can rest assured that all systems are being cross-examined. Our proprietary system collects artificial intelligence metrics across your entire network, monitoring every email, loop-hole and entry-point 24/7. Other systems available only have access to bits and pieces which is an open-door to network vulnerabilities. How Secure is your Network? Take our Self-Assessment now to check for open vulnerabilities.



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Next-Gen Antivirus Protection

Next-Gen Antivirus uses Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and its relationship with the firewall to stop threats in their tracks. Ransomware, for instance is stopped even if it has the chance to execute. Our Antivirus tools will alert the firewall which will take it off of the network until the threat is deemed clear. 

You do not have the time to monitor every email that comes into your company. Even if you or an employee clicks on a malicious link, fear not. The artificial intelligence already has the behavior monitored and scanned. If malicious software is loaded to a workstation by mistake. Again, fear not. The AI system will disconnect that workstation from the network immediately and reverse or destroy the virus before it ever has a chance to take root into your network. Mobile devices and portable workstations, fear not we have those covered too.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

We see on a daily basis that systems are compromised and hackers pay for login and password information. Two-Factor Authentication is the best way to prevent a hacker who has your password from getting into key applications. Our 2FA is easy to use and integrates into your smart phone so secondary authentication is as easy as tapping a button on your phone. 2FA is an essential aspect of a secure system and in many states a regulation.

Indeed, some spear-phishing schemes can advance their way through the first layer of defense. Fear not, with two-factor authentication you stop threats at the door, even if they manage to crack the code on your password. Two factor authentication not only will alert you when an active threat is trying to use your login credentials, it is also a sure sign that your base layer of information has been compromised. If you do not recognize the threat you can easily change your login credentials and block the users entry before it ever becomes a threat. 

Synchronized and Full Disk Encryption - Paired with Mobile Device Management

Encryption protects against theft, breach and accidental exposure – In today’s highly regulated environment hoping that your data will not be accessed by the wrong eyes is not enough. Our Encryption tools make sure that only the proper user only has access to the information. Sharing of data over the Internet or via email is now secure and compliant. You can feel confident that your files will not be exfiltrated even if the system is infected by malware or a virus.

Today mobile devices typically have more access to your personal information than a desktop computer does. And when added to a corporate network they can be the entry point for an unwanted visitor. Secure Mobile Device Management can be an impossible task for end users to manage. StratX MDM allows us to help you manage the security of your users’ mobile devices to help keep your network secure.

You arrive to your destination after a long red-eye flight. While waiting for your luggage you realize you left your backpack on the plane. Your backpack contains your laptop computer with sensitive information on it. In a panic you rush back to a service desk, the clerk calls the flight desk, only to find that your bag has been taken from the plane by an unauthorized passenger.  Fear not, your information can be wiped clean by the push of  button. Then reinstalled to any network. This goes the same for your phone.  Losing your mobile device could leave you as vulnerable as losing your wallet with your social security card inside. Furthermore, if your security settings are still in default status, you may as well should have left your wallet behind with your passwords written on a sticky note inside. StratX protects your access points and data immediately and remotely from anywhere in the world, which eliminates the anxiety of such a mishap.

Phishing and Email SPAM Education

Phishing has become the tool of choice for hackers. In fact 66% of Malware is deployed via email links and attachments. Inadvertent installation of malicious software by an end-user can lead to a disaster for your company.  Because end-users are not IT people we include end user education in order to help keep them educated and in turn, secure.

Competence yields confidence. If your team can’t identify a threat, how do the know what one looks like? StratX removes the friendly mask of these threats and exposes numerous threat examples to better protect your network before StratX actually has to go to work. Know thy enemy and protect your network.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

In the background, the StratX Security Operation Center monitors massive amounts of data on your systems determining what is a threat or normal information flowing in and out of your systems. Identifying threats as they are happening to prevent a problem is the goal. But recording of this information is critical as well, it allows us to determine if a security incident was a nuisance or if any data has been stolen. SEIM is an essential aspect of a secure system and in many cases a regulation.Competence yields confidence. If your team can’t identify a threat, how do the know what one looks like? StratX removes the friendly mask of these threats and exposes numerous threat examples to better protect your network before StratX actually has to go to work. Know thy enemy and protect your network.

Nearly every business operates some level of compliance, SIEM actively and inactively monitors all data logs. If ever your network is in question, SIEM allows you to run simple compliancy reports at the push of a button, accessing tens of thousands of data logs, both present, and archived to confirm your compliance status without hesitation. StratX IT’s Artificial Intelligence monitors patterns, threats usually undetectable by humans, can be identified and blocked well before it ever becomes a problem in your network. in other words, StratX can detect“activity”associated with an attack rather than the attack itself.

On a Collaborative Level, SIEM protects and holds your team to a compliance standard in collaborative file sharing and project management efforts, protecting sensitive information from being leaked or used unfaithfully.

Finally, in the event of a false claim toward your business, forensic evidence can easily be pulled from your reports and logs to prove your innocence and/or compliance.  Without SIEM, likely you would never get to the bottom of the forensic data requirement and your company would be forced to pay unnecessary fines and comply with unwanted reporting procedures.

Identity and Password Management

As the amount of systems we access continues to grow so do the amount of logins and passwords. StratX can help manage these important entry points to ensure that you are not forgetting to change a password rendering the system insecure.

StratX makes password management easy with one click you are able to change your password across the network without having to login to every site and change it manually through the settings. This save you and your staff several hours of unproductive time over the course of the year. This also makes it easier to implement corporate policy that requires password changes every month. Finally, in the event that an employee were to leave your company, one administrator can deny access across the entire network with one click of the mouse. No need to worry if you forgot to deny access to any one access point.

Seamless SPAM Filter

Using E-Mail without a SPAM Filter is like driving without a seat belt.  The StratX E-Mail SPAM filter will scrub inbound and outbound emails from almost every email provider. It will cross check the contents of the mail (including links) to make sure they are not known threats inside. Daily quarantine reports are mailed to the end user so they can be sure that emails they are waiting for are not trapped in the quarantine.

Advanced and Impassable Firewall Protection

StratX deploys advanced firewall technology that is faster and more secure than before. Allowing the applications you want to have the bandwidth, not the ones you don’t. And if a threat is detected, not only will the firewall isolate the infected system,(preventing it from spreading to other systems on your network), it will also update the security community so that it won’t continue to spread outside of anyone’s organization.

The synergy and integration of these two systems is remarkable! Here's why:

If someone dumped piles of shredded paper all over your desk every morning, you would become rather irritated over time. When you get to work and your inbox has several hundred junk emails inside, the feeling is mutual. Sorting through and deleting such junk mail is unproductive and creates unnecessary anxiety.  Eliminate the distractions of unwanted emails piling up on every workstation. Allow StratX to sort it out for you. Not only will StratX sort it, they will also compartmentalize the emails in a simple report for you to clear and navigate in the event that you are waiting for specific information.

The firewall is your first line of defense, the Firewall simply quarantines infection until it is safe. Imagine if the flu could be quarantined, yet you could continue to keep that individual working and productive without infecting others. You would have a safer and healthier work environment. The firewall does the same. Even if a threat is potentially detected, the Artificial intelligence quarantines the workstation immediately until the threat is removed or deemed safe, then automatically reconnects the workstation to the network without any downtime or disturbance in workflow and production.

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