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Online Thieves Despise Two Factor Authentication

June 04, 2019 by StratX IT

Quick Tip: According to a recent study by the Clark School at the University of Maryland hackers are attacking at least one of your owned accounts every 39-seconds. This study was one of the first attempts at quantifying the nearly constant rate of online attacks happening daily.


The Importance of Two-Factor Authentication

It is 5:30pm on a Friday evening, you are out of the office enjoying some much-needed time with your family. You get a cell phone notification from your security system. An intruder has managed to unlock the back door and tripped the system in the office. In shock and dismay, you watch the intruder from your phone surveillance approach your desk. Just as his hands are reaching for your laptop, he raises them to the sky. You watch two police officers quickly detain the suspect and remove him from your property.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two Factor Authentication works precisely the same way, as it monitors all your login activity around the globe. Login frequency is monitored by location, IP address, and device recognition. If the system does not recognize the activity, it holds the login activity from accessing the content until you personally grant the access via text, phone or email.

Ask Yourself:

  • If someone was accessing your email on a regular basis, would you want to know about it?
  • Would you want the ability to detain them immediately?
  • If someone was entering your bookkeeping or bank accounts, wouldn’t the same urgency apply?

Two-factor authentication is your security checkpoint for all important login activity. 

Even if one of these attempts were successful, two-factor authentication would add layers to your defense. You are a driven individual. It is certainly, a natural occurrence to be logged-in on multiple devices throughout your network.

How to Activate Two-Factor Authentication on your Network.

Contact your account representative and ask how we can activate two-factor authentication on your network today. The process is simple and requires very little involvement on your part. As you can see two-factor authentication is part of an entire suite of security products. Take advantage of our introductory offers today. Call 888-816-3819 to speak with an expert immediately.