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Minimize the Risks to Your Business with Internal Security Tools & Management

August 03, 2017 by StratX IT


If you own a business or are employed at one, you are most certainly taking on a variety of positions and responsibilities. It’s likely there is no dedicated in-house IT team or security officers staying on top of weak or potential security risks.

Plus, there are some areas which you may feel are completely beyond your control when it comes to the Internets security threats. Here's a look at best practices so you can gain control back for the success of your business—starting with internal architecture.

Secure Your Local Area Network

Whatever is on your property you can control. Safeguard your local area network (LAN) against any security threats by checking your wireless systems, guests networks, and physical switches. Do a routine check often to make sure that they are all in working order, and that you have anti-virus programs updated and running properly.

Email Security is Essential

Ransomware victims are increasing. With two widespread ransomware attacks within the last two months impacting organizations, there is an obvious concern about cyber attacks. Companies who clicked on virus-infected links lost over $300 million in 2015, collectively. Within the next year, such attacks had quadrupled.

One of the most common tricks that hackers use is baiting an email user into clicking on a link, which opens up access to private computers. To demand ransom money, all a hacker has to do is disable or encrypt the user’s network data and then make the computer owner pay up if they want their data back.

Stop Infecting Us

End Point Security Management

Make sure that all of your employees who are using email have up to date computers and malware-monitoring apps or programs. Don’t let weeks and months pass by before you realize that the programs you have been using are outdated and can’t compete with today’s modern and debilitating ransomware.

Do you have someone monitoring internal vulnerabilities within your company?

Do you know what the life expectancy of your hardware is?

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Implementing technology solutions such as monitoring agents, patching, spam filtering, keeping software up to date and second chance scanners are just a few best practices to protecting your investment from inside vulnerabilities.

Of course, no one can guarantee complete safety from cyber attacks. Be aware of the possible threats or new ways that hackers can engineer the downfall of your company. What you can do is seek training from professionals, who can educate your people and give them the tools and resources necessary to stay secure and well protected.

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