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The Truth About Switching IT Service Providers

March 15, 2017 by StratX IT

When you hire an Information Technology (IT) company, you have a basic expectation. You would like your systems up and running, so your employees can be productive and you can move your business forward. It seems like a simple request.


A series of complex solutions need to be in place and managed to meet that expectation. There are many aspects of service,  that could cause you to be unhappy with your IT service provider. There are two in particular, which cause executives so much frustration that they start to seriously consider a change.

Poor response time

There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for help with a computer or network issue. Some issues are small and some issues are complex, but good service requires communication from your help desk - from the time the issue is reported initially through its resolution.

  • Do you converse with a “live” person at the end of the line who is familiar with you and your company?  
  • Do you receive immediate acknowledgement of the issue by your IT support, and confirmation that it’s being addressed?
  • Do you receive communication throughout the service process?
    • Do you receive a service ticket?
    • Do you have access to a portal to check the status of your request?
    • Does the IT company communicate with you during the resolution process?
    • Do you have an assigned account manager to call if you have concerns?

Recurring and unresolved issues

You have discussed the problem again and again, so why is it still happening?

  • Your IT service provider’s staff doesn’t have the right skill set to manage your systems. If the issue can’t be clearly explained, with a clear path to resolution, you probably need a more experienced support team.  
    • Technology is made up of machines and software, which can be fixed or replaced. Issues may be more complicated than others, but there is always an answer if your IT support staff knows what they are doing.
    • Consider looking for IT service providers, that specialize in your industry and know the ins and outs of the equipment, software, and applications you use.
  • Your IT service provider hasn’t invested in methods to monitor the health of your network (and equipment), and lacks the infrastructure to document and track your issues to make sure they don’t reoccur.
  • There is an issue requiring assistance from your hardware/software, or from a vendor. Your IT service provider should manage the issue until resolution. - No IT group should say, “It’s the software company,” and leave you hanging. It is their job to make sure your systems are in working order, and that includes managing your various technology vendors.

So, You Are Seriously Considering a Change

Recurring issues and lack of response from your IT company are a relationship killer. Considering a change and making a change are big decisions, but it’s not as complicated or as scary as you might think.

Changing IT Service Providers The FAQS

When you choose the right IT service provider for your company, your systems just “seem to work” seamlessly with issues few and far between. The provider will do much of the needed work behind the scenes to keep your systems running smoothly including ongoing technology management tasks, from patching and upgrades, to systems and security monitoring and vendor management. And importantly, they’ll respond quickly to issues, communicate with you through the resolution process, and won’t quit until the issue is resolved.

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