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April 18, 2016 by StratX IT

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- White Plains, NY Professional Data Systems, Inc. (PDS) and NYC based Stemp Systems Group, Inc. announce their merger to create StratX IT Solutions, LLC.  StratX is headquartered in New York City and White Plains with regional offices in Long Island, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Minnesota serving businesses in the tristate-area and nationwide.

StratX IT is a privately held, full-service technology consulting and support company.

“It’s not enough to fix computer hardware and software.  IT companies need to be dedicated to their clients’ overall success.  Businesses that can harness the power of technology improve workflow, increase profitability and help grow their bottom line.  We offer clients strategy, experience and technology expertise to execute on this vision.” says Tom Telesca, StratX CEO (formerly CEO of PDS).

 It took 9 months from the first meeting to signed merger documents. The companies were aware of each other as friendly competitors with like product offerings.  Combining unique business cultures and processes formed a new StratX ideal with the happiness of our staff and clients at the center.

“The most important resource in the merger is our staff.  I knew that the key to our success would be merging our teams,” describes Morris Stemp, StratX COO. “Focusing on our culture and staff training, education and growth has required almost 100% of my time.  Having happy clients requires a happy team.  We offer our clients a deep bench of technical, project and account management expertise to deliver on a promise of no human downtime.”

 From an operations perspective, PDS and Stemp were a great fit.   More importantly, both companies focus on providing exceptional customer service.

“We have many clients who have been with PDS or Stemp for decades, and we’ve helped their businesses evolve as the technology has evolved,” comments, Jack Mortell, StratX Senior VP Sales (founder of PDS)“Gone are the days of businesses having to become technology experts in addition to experts in their businesses.  We offer them an IT department that can plan, execute and maintain their technology needs.   In fact, one of our clients likes to say, “With StratX, you get an outsourced IT department that feels in-house.”


StratX is an outsourced IT management company with over 60 techs and support staff deliver technology and security expertise, unparalleled execution, concierge level service and a smile. Press Release posted April 7, 2016 via PR Newswire