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Virus Protection: Employees Are Your First Line of Defense

May 09, 2016 by StratX IT

Print Our Email Safety Guide for Your Staff.

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Another round of ransomware viruses is attacking workstations and corporate networks and demanding ransom in exchange for restoring data that they encrypt. If the ransom is not paid, the data stays encrypted and left totally inaccessible and unusable.

Educating your users is critical - taking appropriate actions could save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of staff hours of lost productivity.

The ransomware virus is evolving.  It exploits the vulnerabilities of computers, networks, and preys on users.  The infection almost always starts on one user’s workstation. After encrypting the infected workstation, the virus spreads through the network to all other accessible servers and workstations and encrypts all the data on those devices.

While you need to have security precautions and best practices in place to minimize the risk of infection - users are on the front line. There must be critical security infrastructure in place, enforcement of tight security measures, and security education to make users aware of the latest tricks being used to infect their workstations and your network.

Much of the success of the virus is due to tricking users into opening infected documents, emails and links. StratX has put together this Email_Safety Guide for you to print for your staff.  It describes the key signs your staff should be looking for to identify and avoid malicious emails.