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Block the spread of ransomware

June 07, 2016 by StratX IT

tripwireV2StratX IT Solutions announces development of software to block the spread of ransomware. The company has spent hundreds of man-hours, and tens of thousands of dollars to protect our clients' businesses from data-loss, ransom payments and lost productivity.

"Pay per Click" has taken on a new meaning for ransomware victims.  In 2015, clicking on infected links generated over $325 million in ransom.  Attacks have quadrupled in 2016.

The heist is simple: trick users into clicking infected links, encrypt their data, encrypt their network data, render the data useless and demand a ransom.  If the ransom is not paid the data is left inaccessible and unusable.

Ransomware continuously morphs allowing it to make its way undetected into desktop computers and networks of companies, banks, hospitals, universities and government institutions.

You've read the recommendations on how to avoid the virus.

There must be critical security infrastructure in place, enforcement of tight security measures and secure backup of your data.  Regardless, users are the first line of defense so education is critical. The virus' success is due to cleverly tricking users to infect their own workstations.

Someone clicked an infected link!

"Companies aren't aware of the infection until the virus has spread beyond the desktop into the servers and the damage has been done," says Morris StempStratX COO.  "Thousands of end users depend on StratX to keep their businesses up and running.  Our challenge was to find a way to minimize the damage before it spread."

Stopping the virus at the entry point.

"It's getting harder for users to identify infected links, so blocking the virus at the entry point became our focus," shares Tom TelescaStratX CEO.  "We've begun rolling out our proprietary software to all of our managed service clients (included in their technology service agreements).  Unfortunately, we've already had great success.  Coupled with our secure backup system, mitigating the spread has allowed us to save our clients thousands of dollars and lost productivity."

"We hear concerns from our clients every day and it's a real and legitimate fear," adds Jack MortellStratX Sr. VP Sales.  "Defending against a ransomware infection is difficult, but StratX will continue to develop and offer industry-leading security products to help prevent and detect all types of security breaches for our clients."